Madame Lulu, also known as Olivia Caliban, was a "fortune teller" who used information from her library to tell people their "fortune."

In the books, it is simply known as her archival library.

In the TV series, it is called Caligari Cabinet.

Related to VFD

In the picture, a letter for VFD can be shown. Klaus reads a letter concerning the Duchess of Winnipeg's party. There is a map shown in the picture above. That map could be related to VFD's tunnels underground.

Related to the Snickets

If you look at the page closely, then you will see a telegram, a picture of a short man in a long coat and hat, and an article - most likely from The Daily Punctilio- containing the word "Snicket." The man is probably Lemony Snicket[1] [2], and the person who sent the telegram is also most likely him. The word "snicket" is referring to him again, because he was blamed for arson.


There is a Café Salmonella menu within the picture too. A random pamphlet can also be seen.

Caligari Cabinet

In the TV series, it is referred to as the Caligari Cabinet. There was a film with Uncle Monty saying that life is a conundrum of esoterica. There were brief flashes of people dancing, including Josephine Anwhistle. Dr. Orwell said, "Excuse me, I can't see without my glasses." The Cabinet contained a disguise kit, lots of books and notes, and other films, including:


Caligari Cabinet probably gets its name from "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," a horror novel. This is also the word origin of "Caligari Carnival."


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