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Look at all those freaks! There's a man with hooks instead of hands!
— The pimpled man, on The Hook-Handed Man, mistaking him for a freak

The Man with Pimples on his Chin appears in The Carnivorous Carnival, as a guest to the Lions' Pit attraction. He was once mistaken for a freak because of his skin problems. His current whereabouts are unknown.


He is described as being middle-aged and having several large pimples on his chin. He likely lives near the Caligari Carnival in The Hinterlands. He attends the House of Freaks show there and mistakes The Hook-Handed Man for a freak. The hook-handed man angrily tells him that he isn't a freak, and the man with pimples on chin apologises and suggests he purchase a pair of fake hands. During the show, he makes fun of Hugo the hunchback along with the hook-handed man.

Later, shortly before the show in which one of the freaks would supposedly be thrown to a pit of lions, the pimpled man confronts Violet, Sunny and Klaus Baudelaire, who were disguised as freaks, outside Madame Lulu's fortune telling tent. They each recognise each other, and the children try to walk past him but he grabs them by the shirt. Because Violet and Klaus were disguised as conjoined twins, the pimpled man asks why one of them didn't wear a bag over their head so they looked normal. Sunny, disguised as a wolf baby, growls at him, and Violet tells him to leave them alone as she is very protective of them. He remarks that she wouldn't be any match against a pit of lions, and his pimpled mother who was also attending the show agrees. She kisses him and asks when the show starts, only for Count Olaf to appear behind them and declare that it starts right now.

During the show, after Olaf picks Violet and Klaus to be eaten, the pimpled man tells them to jump in quickly as he wanted his Carnival visit to be worthwhile. After the two supposed freaks suggest that Olaf throws them in rather than them jumping, the pimpled man agrees. After Olaf lies about having cat allergies, the pimpled man and the rest of the crowd ask for Madame Lulu to throw them in. He later states that he doesn't care who falls in because he isn't prejudiced. After chaos ensues due to no-one being able to push them in, the pimpled man is accidentally slapped by another audience member and begins arguing with him and his wife. Finally, as a result of all the commotion, Madame Lulu falls in along with The Bald Man with the Long Nose. Neither he nor his mother are seen again, leaving their whereabouts unknown.

Behind the scenes

  • This man might be the wart-faced man, though this is very unlikely, due to the fact that he has pimples instead of warts and is not recognized by the Baudelaires and Count Olaf.
    • In the TV series, he doesn't appear but his role is almost exactly fulfilled by an exclusive character, Mr. Willums. Another audience member, however, also appears along with someone who appears to be their mother, and the two both appear to have pimples on their chins.