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The Mann Mansion is a mansion located in Stain'd-by-the-Sea and owned by the Mann Family.


It is described as a "grand home." There are at least five floors, though the windowsills are too narrow and crumbly to stand upon.

Not all of the rooms in the mansion are known, but some are noted:

  • The East Wing has a sitting room, game room and solarium- a glass room used to admire sunlight.
  • Down the West Staircase (in the West Wing) is a morning tea room, implying there are tea rooms for different times of day.
  • There are seventeen total bedrooms.
    • Old Lady Mann's bedroom is on the fifth floor and has a chest at the foot, full of heavy blankets.
  • There is at least one "distant" laundry room.

The Manns used to use their expansive space to host visiting theater troupes.

It features several large fish scale mosaics, as sculpted by Mr. Mann. They are described as "worth a fortune," and likely to one day be donated to a museum.[1]