Ishmael's right. You've been nothing but treacherous, Olaf, and the Baudelaires have been nothing but good!
— Miranda Caliban, The End

Miranda Caliban is the mother of Friday Caliban. She is a resident on the Island.


In the TV series, she mentions she was brought to the Island when she was on a cruise while pregnant with Friday, but the cruise hit an iceberg, and she washed up on the Island.

At Ishmael's suggestion, Miranda lied to her daughter and told her that her father, Thursday, died during a storm when he was devoured by a manatee; the truth being that Thursday left the island but Miranda thought it was better to stay. Miranda did not want Friday to worry about the schism that divided her parents.

She also wanted to learn how to do the backstroke while swimming and so was taught to how by Erewhon. In return, Miranda gave her a picnic basket. This had to be done in secrecy as Ishmael said it was not the "customary" way to swim, meaning Miranda, like her child, also had a free-spirit.

The End

Miranda is kind to the Baudelaires.

Near the end of the book, Miranda becomes poisoned by the Medusoid Mycelium and joins Ishmael on his boat. She prevents Friday from taking an apple from Klaus, which acts as a cure, when he tries to tell Friday the truth about her father.

Behind the scenes

She is portrayed by Angela Moore in the TV series.


The name "Miranda" is likely in reference to one of the principal characters of Shakespeare's "The Tempest", a play concerning a group of people who are shipwrecked on an island. The play contains both a character named Miranda (the beautiful daughter of a powerful wizard) and another named Caliban (the hideous deformed son of a witch).


  • It is unknown whether Caliban is Miranda's married name or her maiden name, but either way she is in some way related to Olivia Caliban, whether by blood or through her husband.
    • They may be sisters, as theorized by fans of the series.
  • There is a theory that Mrs. Widdershins and Miranda Caliban are one and the same, meaning Fiona and Fernald would also be her children. This would imply she was in a relationship with Captain Widdershins (who would therefore be "Thursday") and began raising either two or three children with him (as the true parentage of all three children is uncertain), but they were driven apart by the schism and she did not keep his surname, nor did she allow Friday to become "Friday Widdershins". Evidence to support this is how both Fiona and Friday were told that one of their parents were killed by manatees, and Fiona, Fernald and Friday are all F-names.
  • Based on unknown character names on the Snicket Family Tree, another theory is that if Olivia Caliban and Miranda Caliban are sisters, then it's possible they have a third sibling, N. Caliban or N. Snicket, because of the alphabetic name order of many siblings in the series such as the Snickets and Denouements. This order would be MNO, as in Miranda, N, and Olivia, making Miranda the oldest of three children. However, this theory lacks evidence, and is rivaled by other theories about the identities of M, N and O.



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