Oh, Ish, I told you many years ago that I would triumph over you someday, and at last that day has arrived. My associate with the weekday for a name told me that you were still hiding out on this island, and-
Count Olaf talking about Monday, The End

Monday was Count Olaf's associate who was mentioned in The End.


Count Olaf said that she was trying to blackmail an old man who was involved in a political scandal. Alonso thought that he meant someone named Gonzalo.

Lemony Snicket may have referenced her when he was talking about how things done in the dark seem suspicious, when he said, ". . . and the morning window watcher may actually be planning to blackmail the so-called gardener as he buries the evidence of his vicious crimes. . .

Monday was the person who told Count Olaf that Ishmael was hiding out in the Island.[1]


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