Montgomery Montgomery's house is the house of herpetologist Montgomery Montgomery.


Due to the different adaptations, the house is different in each one. However, in all of them, the house has snake motifs, as well as a large glass conservatory, used to house Montgomery's reptile collection, known as the Reptile Room. There is a library, which is well guarded by the snakes.

In the video game and TV series, there is a large hedge maze located next to the house. In the TV series, this hedge maze is in the shape of an eye.

It was mentioned that books concerning V.F.D. were hidden in Dr. Montgomery's library.[1]


The house was home for the Baudelaire for a few days.

It is revealed that the house is connected by a mysterious tunnel to the Quagmire Mansion. The purpose of this tunnel is as yet unknown. After surviving the Quagmire fire, Quigley Quagmire found his way to the house and met Jacques Snicket.

Netflix ASOUE 11

Lemony Snicket in front of the house.

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Monty's house abandoned.

It is also mentioned that the house has been burned down.[2] In the TV series, there was a still of Lemony Snicket in front of the house which is boarded up.



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