Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's house was the home of herpetologist Monty Montgomery.


Montgomery's home is located at the end of Lousy Lane, and the enormous stone home sits at the end of a steep gravel driveway. Montgomery has a vast and well-kept lawn, dotted with multiple shrubs trimmed to look like snakes, each a different species. The backyard is a bright green field of grasses and shrubs.

The outside of the house has a dark, wooden, square front door, with lights shaped like torches on either side of it. There are the several columns on the front porch, and several rows of square windows on each floor, mostly left open to let in a breeze. The doorbell is described as incredibly loud.

The entryway of the house is darkly colored, with a burgundy carpet on the floor and a stained-glass light fixture hanging from the ceiling. On the wall is an oil painting of two snakes entwined together. Under the portrait is the entryway into a large room with high ceilings and a grand staircase, which leads to the second floor.

The kitchen is very warm, with a bright green table and a refrigerator.[2]

The Reptile Room

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The Reptile Room is kept behind a very tall wooden door with creaky hinges, as well as a doorknob in the middle of it, high enough that adults have to stand on tiptoes to reach it.

The room is made entirely out of glass, with clear walls and a high ceiling rising like a cathedral. Four neat rows of reptiles line the room in metal cages on wooden tables, with the Incredibly Deadly Viper's cage at the end with a white cloth on top of it to be ripped off for dramatic purposes. There is also a table with ropes, gears and cages to be repaired and studied.

At the far end of the room are several rows of bookshelves, stuffed with books, and with a cluster of tables, chairs and reading lamps in one corner.

It was mentioned that books concerning VFD were hidden in Dr. Montgomery's library, "guarded by watchful reptiles."[3]


Violet Baudelaire chose a room with an enormous window looking out onto the front lawn's hedges, hoping to use them for inspiration. When living there, Violet tacked up large pieces of white paper on the wall in order to sketch out her ideas.

Klaus Baudelaire had a room with a cozy alcove for reading, and he carried a large cushioned chair from the living room into it to place in the alcove under a heavy brass reading lamp so he could read at night.

Sunny Baudelaire's room was right between her siblings', filled with small, hard objects from around the house to bite. She also kept toys for her best friend, the Incredibly Deadly Viper, so the two of them could play together in the room.

Monty's guest room was only seen after being inhabited by Stephano (Count Olaf), upon which it became a filthy mess. There is known to be a bed, a dresser, a closet door, and curtains.


The mansion was owned by Monty Montgomery and housed his famous reptile collection, as well as he and his "assistant," Gustav Sebald. It also temporarily housed the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf in disguise as Stephano.

Upon Monty Montgomery's death, the reptiles were confiscated by the Herpetological Society and the house abandoned.[2] It was then inhabited by Quigley Quagmire, who found his way there after escaping his home into a tunnel. He was later found by Jacques Snicket, who ordered him to stay there so as not to be seen, while he scoured the library for a book with important information.

Eventually, Jacques left for Paltryville and seemed to abandon Quigley, who later had to flee, as a torch was thrown through the glass of the Reptile Room, setting the building alight and burning it to the ground.[1]




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