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Monty Montgomery's Sister is the sister of Monty Montgomery and the wife of Bertrand Baudelaire's cousin.


Little is known about her life. It is known that she is the sister of Monty Montgomery, though it is unknown whether she is older or younger.

She married the cousin of Bertrand Baudelaire (though it is unknown if it was through Bertrand's adoptive or biological family), making her and Monty Montgomery part of the Baudelaire Family.[1]

She and her partner could potentially be deceased, considering that they were never chosen as guardians for the Baudelaire orphans. However, she may have simply passed on guardianship, as some other relatives did due to fears of Count Olaf.[2]


If the cousin that Monty's sister married is the same cousin that burnt ants with a magnifying glass as a child,[3] than that would mean her spouse is female and mean she and Monty's sister are sapphic.

As Monty Montgomery was known to be part of VFD,[4] it is possible that she was also a part of the organization. If her wife was the cousin who burnt ants, however, that could imply her spouse was on the firestarting side, which could imply that she was as well, giving another reason that she and her wife were not considered among Bertrand and Beatrice's list of potential guardians.


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