The Mortmain Mountains are a mountain range near the Hinterlands first mentioned to the Baudelaires by Jerome Squalor in The Ersatz Elevator, when he speaks of Mount Fraught, the highest peak in the range.

The Mountains are home to Snow Gnats, the cave that sheltered both the Volunteer Feline Detectives and the Snow Scouts, and the Valley of Four Drafts where the V.F.D. Headquarters was located before its destruction in book ten. The Stricken Stream also makes its home in the Mortmain Mountains, with its source at the peak of Mount Fraught.

When the Man With a Beard But No Hair and the Woman With Hair But No Beard started a fire at the penultimate safe place for the members of VFD, the sugar bowl was tossed out of a window down the Stricken Stream, which arises on Mount Fraught and flows to the sea.

The range is very difficult to climb, since it consists of sheer drops and plateaux arranged in a staircase. The range is very cold during winter and false spring, with blizzards and ice further hindering climbing.


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