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It's hard when you're missing your family. You wake up every morning like someone took one of your legs.

Mr. Bellerophon was a resident of Stain'd-by-the-Sea, the father of Pip and Squeak Bellerophon, and the driver of the Bellerophon Taxi. He is "gone forever", presumably lost or deceased. 


All the Wrong Questions

Mr. Bellerophon was the driver of the Bellerophon Taxi in Stain'd-by-the-Sea.[1] He had two sons: Pecuchet "Pip" and Bouvard "Squeak." Squeak has a watch that once belonged to him.[2] 

Sometime before Lemony Snicket's arrival in town, Pip and Squeak took over their father's job, driving the taxi for him, as well as apparently sleeping in the taxi[1] and getting food almost exclusively from Jake Hix.[3] When leaving town, Snicket says that he knows the boys' father is gone forever.[4] Assuming Snicket is right about this- which the clues do seem to support- it is likely that the Bellerophon father either abandoned his children or died, and the brothers are orphans. Either way, he is not present in Pip and Squeak's lives. 


Unnamed Father (†?)
Pip Bellerophon
Squeak Bellerophon