You're the boss, Nero. If you say they're expelled, they're expelled.
— Mr. Remora unwilling to defend the Baudelaires

Mr. Remora was the teacher of Violet Baudelaire, Duncan Quagmire and Carmelita Spats at Prufrock Preparatory School in the A Series of Unfortunate Events book The Austere Academy.


The Austere Academy

Mr. Remora loves bananas and always eats them during class. His teaching method consisted of having students listen to and remember his very tedious short stories which he told orally to the class. Vice Principal Nero mentions both he and Mrs. Bass have been teaching at Prufrock for more than forty-seven years.

Between The Austere Academy and The Penultimate Peril

Mr. Remora decided to retire after choking on a banana, perhaps because having a near-death experience made him rethink his contributions to the world, or because he became traumatized by bananas and being in a classroom setting reminded him of them.

He was replaced by Miss K (Kit Snicket), who required her students to read various V.F.D.-related books and was eventually fired by Vice Principal Nero.[1]

The Penultimate Peril

Later on in The Penultimate Peril, Mr. Remora received an invitation from J.S. to attend a cocktail party at the Hotel Denouement, lured by the false claim that bananas would be provided.

When he, Vice Principal Nero, and Mrs. Bass are brought to the Hotel's Indian restaurant by a disguised Sunny, Hal interacted with Mr. Remora and quoted "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion" which Mr. Remora didn't understand and instead quoted "it won't be a sad occasion if you don't feed us." Mr. Remora orders fried bananas.

When Dewey Denouement is killed, Mr. Remora states that they are good ex-students of his which Vice Principal Nero mocks.

During the trial of the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf, Mr. Remora submits the grade books as evidence.

When the Hotel Denouement Fire is started, Mr. Remora was last seen on the seventh story with Vice Principal Nero where he wonders about fried bananas. It remains unknown whether or not he survived the fire that destroyed the Hotel Denouement.

TV series

Mr. Remora appears in the TV series. He and Mrs. Bass intercept the Quagmires attempts to warn the Baudelaires that Count Olaf is on the property. He later assists Vice-Principal Nero and Mrs. Bass in quizzing the Baudelaires.

In the TV series adaptation of The Carnivorous Carnival, he and Mrs. Bass go to Caligari Carnival to watch someone get devoured by lions in "The Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two." He was mistaken as a freak to which Mr. Remora quotes that he has a skin condition.

Mr. Remora's role in "The Penultimate Peril: Part One" and "The Penultimate Peril: Part Two" is omitted.

Behind the scenes



  • He and his family are likely a part of V.F.D. as "Remora" is written in a VFD tunnel. It would also explain why he is present at Hotel Denouement.
  • Mr. Remora, Mrs. Bass and Ms. Tench are named after fish, because a group of fish is called a school.



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