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Mrs. Flammarion is a minor character mentioned in Sub-File B of File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents.


File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Missing Pets

Though information is sparse, it seems that Mrs. Flammarion used a similar tank to Oliver Sobol in order to steal Armadale's pet lizards; the tank was used to transport them comfortably an yet fit into the trunk of her car.

Lemony Snicket confronted her for her theft, and she admitted her fault and "returned the keys and wig."


  • Only the conclusion to "Missing Pets" is listed, meaning that much of Mrs. Flammarion's history is unclear.
  • Due to her similar surname, she is likely somehow related to Dr. Flammarion of the Inhumane Society, leaving her purposes for stealing Armadale's lizards quite suspicious, especially as the conclusion "Large Meal" and "Other Name" imply that the lizards were being used for some form of prepared meal for the Inhumane Society.[1]