Mrs. Willums is a character exclusive to the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. She is a member of the audience at the Caligari Carnival along with her husband, watching the Lion Pit show held by Count Olaf.


Mrs. Willums is married to Mr. Willums and has two children, Skip Willums and Little Trixie Willums. They likely live somewhere nearby the Caligari Carnival in The Hinterlands. Shortly after the so-called Baudelaire murders supposedly burn down the Heimlich Hospital, she accompanies her husband and children to the Caligari Carnival for the lions show in which one of the freaks was to be devoured. Before the show, when Olaf first reveals the lions, she is unimpressed but soon grows more excited. During the show, chaos ensues and Madame Lulu ends up being thrown to the lions, and afterwards Mrs. Willums and her family are horrified. They most likely escape the carnival before Olaf and his theatre troupe burn it down.

Behind the scenes

  • Mrs. Willums was played by Jill Morrison. She and her family made no appearances in the books.



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