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These portraits belonged to my mother. They were precious to her, but they're not particularly valuable.

Ms. Gracq  (name assumed) is a minor, unseen character mentioned in the first incident of File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, "Inside Job."


We walked around a deep, dark hole in the ground, and I thought of Marguerite, the minor and the miner, and I wondered about her mother, who had left her beloved portraits on the walls but was nowhere to be found.

Ms. Gracq lived in Stain'd-by-the-Sea with her daughter, Marguerite, and Marguerite's father, in a cottage near the Gracq Mine, where her husband and daughter would mine for gold.

In the cottage, she kept several portraits of finnish poets, having an interest in their work. Marguerite says that they were precious to her, though not particularly valuable.

Lemony Snicket wonders about Ms. Gracq, who "had left her beloved portraits on the walls but was nowhere to be found." It is presumable that she either abandoned her family or died; considering, as mentioned, her portraits were left behind, her being deceased is more likely.[1]


  • Her family's surname is likely a reference to the French writer Julien Gracq.
    • Marguerite specifies to Snicket that her name is spelled "the French way."[1]
  • While Mr. Gracq and Marguerite are specified to be miners, it is unknown is Ms. Gracq was involved in the family business, or if she remained interested exclusively in Finnish poetry.


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