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A good polite voice is the journalist's best tool, because people are more likely to tell you important information if you treat them nicely.

Ms. Mallahan is Moxie Mallahan's absent mother and a former journalist of The Stain'd Lighthouse.



Moxie Mallahan: I was in the archives of The Stain'd Lighthouse, looking through the articles my mother wrote when she was still a reporter in town.
Lemony Snicket: I bet she was a good one, if her daughter is any indication.
Moxie Mallahan: I like to think I developed some of my journalism skills on my own.
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Ms. Mallahan was a journalist in Stain'd-by-the-Sea, where she lived in the lighthouse with her husband and daughter, Moxie.

She once taught Moxie a dice game that could be played for money, which Moxie was very good at.[1] She also would tell Moxie that the business section of the paper had all of the really exciting stories, hidden in plain sight.[2]

She wrote for the family newspaper, The Stain'd Lighthouse. She once wrote an article about the annual Frome Race- it only had twelve sledders that year, due to the population decline in town following the economic collapse. She later wrote about the arrest of the race's winner, Chase B. Willow, as he had been found with a stolen painting in his attic.[1]

Abandoning Town

It was not necessary for the denizens of Stain’d-by-the-Sea to help me, just as it was not necessary for me to tell them all I knew. I knew that Moxie’s mother would never send for her, just as I knew Pip and Squeak’s father was gone forever.

She searched for the truth, but found something that terrified her and she did not have the courage to face, presumably something to do with the Inhumane Society. This caused her to flee town, claiming to Moxie that she got a letter from the city and was getting a job at another newspaper and would send for them. However, she never planned to return or send for her family.[3] Her husband seemed aware of this, which was presumably the cause of his depression.[4]

When she left town, she took several editions of the newspaper with her.[5] 


  • The family surname could potentially be a reference to James Mallahan Cain, a journalist and crime fiction author. 


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