The Museum of Items is a museum in the City


Lemony and Kit Snicket planned to follow a V.F.D. tunnel from under the incompleted Fountain of Victorious Finance[1] to the Museum so that they could steal an item[2] against the wishes of their superiors.[1] The item was stated to be an exhibit unlike any that the museum had had for eighty-four years.

When Lemony was unable to make the heist, Kit went alone, digging a tunnel into the basement of the museum by herself. She was caught escaping, as the trapdoor was too heavy and could not be opened by one person. The item was not found by the museum or the police, meaning she was successful in stealing it. However, she was not arrested with the item in her possession, and was only accused of breaking and entering, with the item's current location unknown by both the authorities and her co-conspirators at the Volunteer Fire Department .[2]


Popular fan speculation is that the Snicket siblings were attempting to steal The Sugar Bowl, which could imply that the museum is related to VFD. 




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