Mushroom Minutiae is a book owned by Fiona. Its exact author is unknown, but appears to have been written by VFD. It was published when Anwhistle Aquatics was still operating. The book was taken by Fiona when she left the Queequeg and joined the Carmelita. Later on, the book was used by Kit Snicket for her Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus.


Known Chapters

  • Chapter 36: The Yeast of Beasts
  • Chapter 37: Morel Behavior in a Free Society
  • Chapter 38: Fungible Mold, Moldable Fungi
  • Chapter 39: Visitable Fungal Ditches
  • Chapter 40: The Gorgonian Grotto

39. Visitable Fungal Ditches

While the content of this chapter is largely unknown, Lemony Snicket notes that he wishes the Baudelaires could have had time to return to this chapter, as it contained crucial information of some kind.

The initials in the title spell VFD, presumably linking it to the organization.

40. The Gorgonian Grotto

The known content of this chapter reads as thus:[1]

The Gorgonian Grotto, located in propinquity to Anwhistle Aquatics, has appropriately wraithlike nomenclature, with roots in Grecian mythology, as this conical cavern is fecund with what is perhaps the bugaboo of the entire mycological pantheon.
The Medusoid Mycelium has a unique conducive strategy of waxing and waning: first a brief dormant cycle, in which the mycelium is nearly invisible, and then a precipitated flowering into speckled stalks and caps of such intense venom that it is fortunate the grotto serves as quarantine.
As the poet says,
A single spore has such grim power
That you may die within the hour.
Is dilution simple? But of course!
Just one small dose of root of horse.

TV Series Passage

Mushroomminutiae chap40

TV Series Passage.

The passage of the chapter from the Netflix adaptation reads:[2]
It[sic] currents from the Stricken Stream push water, sea life, mycelium spores and debris toward the Mediocre Barrier Reef where Anwhistle Aquatics lies. Grotto is a word for cave. And the Gorgons were monsters in Greek mythology, like that woman with snakes for hair. When entering the Gorgonian Grotto a beautiful grecian chandelier welcomes you. The interior can often be found to resemble the interior of a swimming pool with an extra wide ladder. Anwhistle Aquatics was renowned as a marine research and rhetorical advice center and as he aquatic base of a secret organization. This secret organization would travel down from the Aquatics center to the grotto using the Vertical Flame Diversion a steel spiral staircase.
The secret organization would use the grotto to conduct research and experiments using very fancy devices. At one point in time before the[...]

The segment about the Medusoid Mycelium contains the following lines:

The fast-acting poison makes the mushroom extremely volatile[...] Currently Very Fancy Doctors are searching for an antidote at a facility near Lousy Lane but have not come up with a cure yet.

With the notation in the margin:

Is dilution simple? But of course.
Just one small dose of root of horse.




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