Ned H. Rirger Theater is a theater in The City.


The theater put on multiple plays in The City. Only two plays are currently known:[1]

It is also possible that the playhouse put on the following plays, mentioned in Lemony Snicket's review column, though it is not confirmed:[1]

  • The Case of the Vegetarian Murderer
    • Including an Inspector Auster and a lying Taxi Driver.
  • Look Out for That Axe!
    • Including a tap-dance number in the middle.
  • Cats
  • The Most Handsome Man in the World
  • Why, I Believe I've Become Even More Handsome!
    • The sequel to The Most Handsome Man in the World by Al Funcoot.

It is known that audience members are allowed to bring live sheep to the performances.[1]



  • "Ned H. Rirger" is an anagram for "Red Herring."
  • As both known plays performed in the theater were connected to VFD, though by two different sides, it is likely that the theater is somehow connected to the organization.



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