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You are here on your honor, Cleo Knight. Do not cross us. We are not a Society that tolerates treachery. We've given you everything you asked for. It's time for you to uphold your promise as well.
— Nurse Dander, When Did You See Her Last?

Nurse Dander is an assistant of Dr. Flammarion and Hangfire. She is dangerously notorious for being incredibly skilled with a knife.


When Did You See Her Last?

Nurse Dander is a member of the Inhumane Society that worked with Dr. Flammarion and Hangfire to kidnap Cleo Knight and steal her formula for invisible ink. Instead, she winds up running into Ellington Feint, who impersonates her in order to get a chance to confront Hangfire. 

Hangfire sends Nurse Dander to return books to the library, which had been given to him in a decoy package by Lemony Snicket, and to pick up books about sleeping droughts, chemical espionage and Colonel Colophon. Snicket spots her leaving the library, along with a bag of groceries, including lemons for Ellington's experiments. Snicket follows her back to an abandoned aquarium, where she is keeping Ellington. She threatens her to make her continue her experiments. 


When Snicket tells Ellington that her plan is doomed to fail, as the real Cleo Knight was captured by Flammarion, he helps her escape and has to hide from a furious Nurse Dander. He throws a fishbowl out of a window in order to throw her off his trail, and she runs off to investigate. 

Later, Dander is disguised as a receptionist at Colophon Clinic, where she'd been ordered to watch the papers stolen from Ellington Feint about her search for her father and make sure nobody enters the building. When Snicket and his associates arrive, Dander calls the police on them. Snicket and Moxie Mallahan enter with flowers for Colonel Colophon, and after a bit of an argument, she sends Snicket up, while Moxie stays behind with her. 

At some point, Dander gets into a fight with Moxie, Pip and Squeak, and manages to severely cut Moxie's arm before the Bellerophon brothers can get a hold on her. Dander and Flammarion are then arrested by the Officers Mitchum and put on a train to the city for trial. 


Physical Appearance

You could tell that when she was angry, she knew just the thing to say to make you squirm.

Nurse Dander has her hair pinned up "like a cobra in a basket," and wears heels that seem ill-fitted and are covered in "something dirty", likely caviar from the Colophon Clinic. She wears a lab coat and is noted as having a slight wheeze.[1]


  • Stew Mitchum tells Lemony that he has a friend (Dander) who is skilled with a knife, making Lemony realize he is not just a bully but a villain working with Hangfire.[1]
  • Dander is a noun often used to indicated a ruffled or angry temper; used in "to get one's dander up."[2]