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One Last Warning to Those Who Try to Stand in My Way is the changed name of the VFD play The World Is Quiet Here, re-written by Al Funcoot.

Known Content

After taking over the play, Al Funcoot changed the title to One Last Warning to Those Who Try to Stand in My Way. The play was rewritten quickly, as the programs still had charcoal markings.

Known changes involved the play becoming a comedy, the opening number being changed to "Introducing a Very Handsome Man," and the cast being replaced- notably, Beatrice Baudelaire being replaced by Esmé Squalor.

The final number was "Place All Your Valuables on the Stage or Something Dreadful Might Happen to You."[1]

Known Cast

Behind the Scenes

Lemony Snicket was a theatrical critic at the time this play was changed, and he was very bitter towards it, in part because Beatrice, who he was engaged to at the time, was replaced by Esmé. He wrote an article in The Daily Punctilio about it and was fired because of this. Snicket called the new play "a dastardly plot", because it was, and criticized Esmé's performance:

This Esmé cannot act. She cannot sing. And she cannot whistle Mozart's Fourteenth Symphony, as the play - the original play, that is, The World is Quiet Here - requires... I left the theater in disgust.

Eleanora Poe, however, praised the play, mainly because she believes that "celebrities should be complimented, not criticized." She reported that she enjoyed herself so much that by the end of the show she threw her purse and jewelry onto the stage.[1]