The Baudelaires and the Squalors finished a dinner of in foods washed down with parsley soda, which tasted even nastier than it sounds.

Parsley soda was an "in" drink at the time of the In Auction in The Ersatz Elevator


The line between disgusting and delicious is often a thin one.
The full recipe was provided February 26, 2020, by Daniel Handler (not Lemony Snicket) on the YouTube channel Shelf Stuff.

Materials needed:

  1. Ordinary pint glass, emptied of all horrendous objects that have gathered there 
  2. Parsley, found on the street being clutched by a child 
  3. A Muddler 
  4. Simple parsley, simple syrup, available in no stores or on TV or on any special offer. 
  5. An ordinary bottle of soda water that probably hasn't been poisoned, no one knows for sure
  6. A spoon fork
  7. A decanter and bottle


  1. In great, horrible handfuls, pour the parsley into the pint glass. 
  2. Hold the pint glass in one hand, take the muddler in the other, and begin muddling, putting all the pain and frustration you've had in life into the muddle. Once overcome with emotion or bored of muddling, take the muddler out 
  3. Squirt the syrup into the pint glass. 
  4. Fill the pint glass with soda water, and let it soak for a minute while thinking about the fact death is coming for all. 
  5. Take the "fork" and begin to stir the glass gently but with focus. 
  6. Let it rest for a couple of hours. 
  7. Decant the soda by pouring it into the decanter over the bottle. 

And "enjoy!"

Daniel Handler Makes Parsley Soda From a Series of Unfortunate Events Shelf Stuff

Daniel Handler Makes Parsley Soda From a Series of Unfortunate Events Shelf Stuff

"Daniel Handler Makes Parsley Soda"


Parsley Soda replaced Aqueous Marinis as the In drink, and though Jerome guessed it would be distasteful, Esmé Squalor ordered him to go buy a few crates of it instead of helping their foster children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, with their pinstripe suits. The children later helped Esmé and Jerome carry the crates up the stairs and into their penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue. The drink is also served at the In Auction.[1]

The association of Parsley Soda with Esmé Squalor gave the children even more distaste for it than normal.[2]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

Parsley Soda becomes an In drink right before Esmé pushes the Baudelaires down an elevator shaft. She shares some with them, and Violet remarks that it "tastes like parsley."

After escaping the elevator shaft, Sunny bribes Fernald, who is guarding the penthouse, into silence by giving him a bottle of Parsley Soda, which she helpfully opens for him.[3]

Esmé is upset upon the troupe's trip to The Hinterlands, as she cannot find any Parsley Soda. She leaves Count Olaf while in Heimlich Hospital in order to find some, instead discovering coffee.[4]

Fernald later brings a bottle to a kidnapped Sunny after she requested a fizzy drink.[5]


  • Parsley Soda also appears in the movie, shown in the fridge at the Last Chance General Store and advertised in the window, costing 50¢. 




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