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Partial Foods is Stain'd-by-the-Sea's only supermarket.


Partial Foods is across the street from Hungry's diner and a few blocks away from The Lost Arms.[1]


It is described as having once been a grand grocery store, but having fallen apart due to the economic collapse. There are enormous glass front doors with brass handles carved with images of fresh fruit and vegetables, though they are now cracked.

The interior holds wide shelves with deep bins, though the food doesn't tend to be of good quality. The store is enormous and almost always deserted.[1]

There is a loading dock in the back of the store.[2]


The area that later became the Clusterous Forest used to provide Partial Foods with fresh fish, before the draining of the sea.[3]

Noted regular customers are Zada and Zora, who shop for the Knight family, and Hungry Hix; most of her food comes from the store. S. Theodora Markson and Lemony Snicket bought groceries there while in town.

Ellington Feint, pretending to be Cleo Knight, entered the store and claimed to be running away to join the circus. Later that day, Lemony Snicket was involved with the theft of honeydew melons from this store. The owner and worker at Partial Foods, Polly Partial, soon found him and reported him to the Officers Mitchum.[1]

At a later date, schoolchildren were forced to steal all the honeydew melons from Partial Foods for Hangfire by Sharon Haines.[2]

After the theft by the Inhumane Society, Polly Partial closed the store.[3]

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