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The following article or section concerns information that is considered even less canonical than the chance of a happy ending. Any information following should not be used as a source for the canon of the book series.

Petunia, what have I told you about this? She thinks I'm a tree, you know.

Petunia is a small albino Nelson's Milksnake and pet of Monty Montgomery.


Oh, Petunia. I'm going to miss you. You're such a good girl, aren't you? Such a pretty girl. You are. Yes, you are. Oh, yes, you are.

Petunia is an albino Nelson's Milksnake,[1] and thus has red and white stripes, and stretches to about 42in/110cm long.

She is a pet of Monty Montgomery and lives in his Reptile Room. She seems to be a favorite of his, as she often seen wrapped around him and outside her enclosure.

After adopting the Baudelaire children, Monty sings them a rendition of "Bonnie George Campbell," during which Petunia wraps herself around his arm, and he jokes that she thinks he's a tree.

When Count Olaf arrives in disguise as Stephano, Klaus Baudelaire fetches Petunia from her enclosure, and Violet Baudelaire plans to write a warning on her in ink. This works, as Petunia quickly slithers to Monty and wraps herself around his arm in a way that he can read "IMPOSTER" written on her scales. He then tests Stephano by asking him to milk Petunia, and Stephano blubbers and holds her out on a metal tool instead of touching her before passing her back to Monty and retreating, proving his ineptitude. She is still wrapped around Monty's hand as he talks to Violet and Klaus.

Planning to leave for Peru, Monty bids farewell to Petunia, saying he'll miss her and talking to her very sweetly, as if she is an infant or a dog. Unfortunately, he misses Stephano coming up behind him and is murdered.[2]



  • Petunia was named after the snake who portrayed her, who was trained and handled by Jules Sylvester.[1]