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Giacomo Casanova had a turn. Marcel Duchamp had a turn. Beverly Cleary had a turn. Librarians have done difficult things for more or less noble reasons. It’s our turn now. We are witnesses to your story, Lemony Snicket.

Pocket is a librarian featured in All the Wrong Questions.


Early Life

Pocket is known to be a librarian. She does not seem to be a resident of Stain'd-by-the-Sea.[1]

Her potential involvement with VFD is unknown, though likely, considering files sent to her were said to also be sent to VFD Headquarters.[2]

When Did You See Her Last?

The second account of Lemony Snicket's time in Stain'd-by-the-Sea is addressed to her, to be filed under the name of the town, as well as kidnapping, investigations of; Hangfire; skip tracing; laudanum; and doppelgängers, and to be CCed to VFD headquarters.

Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

There's books with fragmentary plots too.

Pocket is a passenger on The Thistle of the Valley, along with Walleye and Eratosthenes. The three of them witness Stew Mitchum climb from the side of the train and murder Dashiell Qwerty with a poison dart. He then enters their compartment and threatens them into framing S. Theodora Markson for the crime. By the time he returns with his parents, Lemony Snicket has started to talking to the nervous librarians. They tell the Officers that they saw Theodora kill Qwerty, and after they leave, Snicket tells them that he knows they are false witnesses, and also that the murder victim was a librarian like them. 

The three librarians are fetched by Ornette Lost, and they become witnesses to Hangfire summoning the Bombinating Beast, and to Snicket murdering him by feeding him to the creature. After the train crashes, Snicket tells the librarians he will send them his accounts of his time in Stain'd-by-he-Sea. They decide to come clean and admit they saw Stew murder Qwerty, though the Officers now intend to frame Ellington Feint. The last Snicket sees of the librarians is of them watching Cleo sketch something. 

Physical Appearance

She is a heavily sweatered woman who looked either old enough to be Walleye's mother, or young enough to be his wife. She looked like she hadn't got enough sleep lately.[1]


Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

We're peaceful people, and we want no part of this.
— Chapter Six
Pocket: My name is Pocket. My occupation is-
Harvey Mitchum: Never mind that. What did you see?
Pocket: I saw S. Theodora Markson shoot Dashiell Qwerty with a poison dart.
Lemony Snicket: You did no such thing.
—Chapter Six
Jake Hix: There was a war, and people argued whether Colonel Colophon was a hero, or just a violent man. Stores closed. Adults moved out of town and left their children behind. The police force shrank, and the library was almost forgotten.
Pocket: That's a rotten shame.
Walleye: There is nothing worse.
—Chapter Thirteen
Beasts? You mean there's more than one?
— Chapter Thirteen
A child burst into our compartment through the window, and told us there'd be three more dead librarians if we didn't tell the police that Theodora was the murderer.
— Chapter Thirteen