The Poe family consists of five characters within the series. Arthur and Eleanora hold powerful positions in the City though both of them seem easily influenced.


The family seems to have been friendly with Beatrice and Bertrand Baudelaire, as their children remember them being invited for dinner often, and Arthur was put in charge of the Baudelaires' estate until Violet Baudelaire could come of age. 

While not much is known about the family of Arthur Poe in the books, it is mentioned that Edgar and Albert are very rude,[1] and Polly seems to be fond of In things.[2] Poe's sister, Eleanora, is the head editor of The Daily Punctilio, though Poe sometimes disagrees with her about her handling of the Baudelaire case.[3]

In the Netflix series, the characters of Polly and Eleanora were combined, likely for simplification and time constraints. (Their role was also merged with Geraldine Julienne.) Thus, the Poe family has stronger connections to The Daily Punctilio, and Poe seems less skeptical of his wife's competence with her job as a journalist.

In the Netflix canon, it is also mentioned of Edgar and Albert that one of the brothers followed their father into the banking world, while the other "lives in a cave and talks to sheep," and each thinks the other has it better.[4]

Family Tree


Eleanora Poe
Arthur Poe
Polly Poe
Edgar Poe
Albert Poe

Netflix Series

Arthur Poe
Eleanora Poe
Edgar Poe
Albert Poe


  • Their surname is likely a reference to Edgar Allan Poe, a famous poet, as are Edgar and Albert's first names.
  • Edgar, Albert and Eleanora make no appearance in the 2004 film, though Polly makes a small cameo.




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