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Well, you three had better start packing. Edgar, Albert, please help me clear the table.
— Polly Poe, The Bad Beginning

Polly Poe is, in the books, Arthur Poe's wife and the mother of Albert and Edgar.


Early Life

Polly married Arthur Poe, and the two of them had two sons, Edgar and Albert Poe.

Poe frequently mentions her, and is willing to buy her expensive gifts,[1] implying that they have a good and stable relationship.

The Bad Beginning

The Baudelaires stay with her and Mr. Poe at their house prior to living with Count Olaf. She buys a lot of itchy and ugly clothing for them.[2]

Later Life

Mr. Poe adds "Call my wife!" to the list of random cries for help he utters in The Reptile Room when he thought that Sunny Baudelaire had been poisoned by the Incredibly Deadly Viper.[3]

At one point Mr. Poe says that he will tell his wife that dark is in, indicating that she is quite a fashionable woman, or at least tries to be. Mr. Poe is even willing to pay $409 for an ocean decoration of a red herring, likely for her.[1]

2004 Film Divergent Canon

The Baudelaire orphans do not appear to have stayed with the Poes for any length of time.

Polly can be seen seated beside her husband watching The Marvelous Marriage with opera glasses, and she shares a confused look with him when Count Olaf's plot is revealed. After Klaus Baudelaire burns the marriage certificate, she is in the crowd that apprehends Olaf.

She is portrayed by Deborah Theaker.


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