Presley Penny-Lynn[1] Smith is the Canadian actress who portrays Sunny Baudelaire on Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Presley Smith is a Canadian actress. She played Sunny Baudelaire from 2017 to 2019 in A Series of Unfortunate Events (A.K.A. ASOUE). When ASOUE started filming, Presley was only eight months old.

Presley is the daughter of actress/model Paige Lindquist.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

While most infant characters are cast with twins- such as Kara and Shelby Hoffman- the crew of A Series of Unfortunate Events felt there was something "special" about Presley. As she could not be on set as much as older actors, the original plan was to give her a robotic double, but when it proved too noisy, they used the filmmaking trick of having her siblings put her down at the start of most scenes, so that she wouldn't have to be onset for most of the scene.

Presley was seven months old when production began, and did not have enough hair for Sunny's signature ponytail, so a "baby toupee" was attached to her head with a firm gel until Season 2.

While filming Season 1, Malina Weissman was helpfully able to soothe Presley while preparing for a scene. At the beginning, Louis Hynes was afraid of dropping her, but he and Weissman quickly warmed up to her. Rose Lam, the Executive Producer, was also very good at getting Presley to perform; she would hold up stuffed animals and run around behind camera to get Presley to look in the right places, or dangle an iPad with her favorite game in front of her to make her smile. In Season 2, she got less interested in such things, and so the crew had to improve their distractions for her.[2]

Presley celebrated her second birthday on set during filming of "The Vile Village: Part Two."[3]



Year Title Role Notes
2017-2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events Sunny Baudelaire Voice provided by Tara Strong in Seasons 1 and 2.


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