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This beautiful red herring fish will be a lovely addition to any home or place of business or, how do you say, dentist office lobby.

The Red Herring statue was an item sold at Lot #48 when the In Auction took place during The Ersatz Elevator.


This statue was where Count Olaf truly hid the Quagmires in, while lot #50, V.F.D. (Very Fancy Doilies), turned out to be the figurative red herring. The doorman that runs the apartment building at 667 Dark Avenue, who was really the Hook-Handed Man, attended the auction to purchase Lot #48 and beat Mr. Poe as the item's highest bidder, helping Gunther (Count Olaf in disguise) whisk away the Quagmires a second time in the process. The reason the Baudelaire children were deceived by the red herring statue was because they initially thought it would've been too obvious and as Esmé Squalor admitted maliciously, "we used two red herrings to fool you".



  • "Red herring" has multiple meanings. Lot #48 was a statue of a type of fish, kipper, also known as red herring. While lot #50 was a different type of red herring: "a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion."[1] Lot #50 being listed as V.F.D., made the Baudelaires think that the Quagmires were being hid inside it.
  • In the Netflix Adaptation, Duncan Quagmire wrote DQ + VB inside it, alluding to a crush on Violet Baudelaire.
  • In the Netflix Adaptation, the statue can be seen in the arboretum in The End.