Esmé Squalor by the red herring statue.

The red herring statue was lot #48 at the In Auction during The Ersatz Elevator.

The statue was the item that Count Olaf hid the Quagmires in, while lot #50, V.F.D. (Very Fancy Doilies), turned out to be the figurative red herring. The doorman to 667 Dark Avenue, who was really the Hook-Handed Man, bid on lot #48 until he got it, helping Gunther (Count Olaf in disguise) kidnap the Quagmires.



  • "Red herring" has multiple meanings. Lot #48 was a statue of a type of fish, kipper, also known as red herring. While lot #50 was a different type of red herring: "a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion."[1] Lot #50 being listed as V.F.D., made the Baudelaires think that the Quagmires were being hid inside it.
  • In the TV series, Duncan Quagmire wrote DQ + VB inside it, alluding to his crush on Violet Baudelaire.
  • In the TV series, the statue can be seen in the arboretum in The End.


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