Roe House is mentioned in Shouldn't You Be in School? by Moxie Mallahan. It is a business involved in the Stain'd-by-the-Sea fishing industry, and the establishment ran out of business before the start of All the Wrong Questions.


A photograph of the business, developed on its last day of operation, showed a large, empty room, wth rectangular marks on the scuffed floor, where tanks used to be. In the far corner of the room was a small door to exit. 

The building used to provide fish eggs and caviar.[1]


Porter Roeman's Opposition

Porter Roeman, who ran Roe House, told The Stain'd Lighthouse reporters that he opposed the draining proposed by Ignatius Knight from Ink Inc., as it would adversely affect local marine life. He had stated that without a local source of plankton, Roe House would go out of business, and unfortunately it did due to the approval of the draining.

Base for the "Department of Education"

The premises of Roe House used special tanks for baby sturgeons, but the tanks were moved from 350 Wayward Way to the Colophon Clinic (which ended up damaged by Cleo Knight's Dilemma), then moved again to 421 Ballpoint Avenue (which was burned down). It was used by Sharon Haines and Kellar Haines to create a false Department of Education, and the premises were soon vacated and abandoned.



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