The S. S. Prospero is a V.F.D. ship, owned by an elderly couple[1]. It is captained by Capt. Julio Sham, or by someone pretending to be Julio Sham. At one point is headed for Peru[2]. Lemony Snicket has been a passenger aboard the Prospero at the time Captain J. S. captained the ship.


There are two versions of Prospero tickets- one for V.F.D. and one for ordinary passengers.

The motto around the edge of the ordinary Prospero ticket reads:

"Our latch is hanging out,
For true friends old and new,
You're welcome here so come inside,
We've saved a place for you."

The ticket reads:

"Every Ship has Its Own Fun!
All voyages aboard The Prospero depart from Daedalus Dock at eight o'clock sharp. Please arrive on time. Latecomers will be forced to swim."

The V.F.D. ticket around the edges reads:

"When we drive away in Secret,
You'll be a Volunteer,
So don't scream when we take you,
The World is Quiet Here."

The writing on the V.F.D. ticket is similar except it reads "VFD voyages" and "Depart whenever circumstances require."


These are the following rooms/parts of the Prospero as shown in the blueprint in the galle

  • A) Front Gate
  • B) Main Bridge
  • C) White Jacket Lounge
  • D) Redburn Ballroom
  • E) Typee Shuffleboard Court
  • F) Ringman Deck*
  • G) Black Guinea Deck*
  • H) Black Rapids Deck*
  • I)-Overboard- not an actual location on the boat, but obviously a place where a volunteer will end up if he or she is not careful.
  • When Snicket was making his escape, these were the place that Jacques tells him not to go, as VFD eneimes will be there "disguised as passangers and/or seagulls." If they had spotted him, they would've thrown him overboard (I). 



  • The name Prospero is taken from the main character of William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
  • According to Ishmael in The End, the S. S. Prospero was once known as the Pericles.
  • In Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, there is a photo of sailors who served on the S. S. Prospero. One of the sailors is speculated to be related Jacquelyn from the T.V series.[3]



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  3. The sailor's last name is Scieszka, like Jacquelyn.
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