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I was unchaperoned because S. Theodora Markson decided to leave one Thursday morning to visit her sister, who lived in a charming cottage out in the country with a beautiful garden and a darling teacup collection and no little boy underfoot to muck up everything and ruin their fun. That was me.

S. Theodora Markson's Sister is an unnamed character who is mentioned in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the fifth incident, "Bad Gang."


Little is known about Theodora's sister; it is stated that she lives in a cottage in the country, with a garden and teacup collection, and no small children. 

S. Theodora visits her for the weekend while she's supposed to be chaperoning Lemony Snicket, and promises him a teacup if he behaves. Lemony seems to believe this implies Theodora will steal a teacup. When she returns, she does indeed give him a teacup that he remarks has an ugly pattern.[1]


S. Theodora MarksonSister