Carrying a flashlight is better than hiding a picnic basket!
— Sadie cried, pointing at Erewhon

Sadie Bellamy is a islander who lived in the Island, in The End. She is the sister of Jonah Bellamy, and they brought the boat of the Baudelaire orphans in storm scavenging.[1]

She knows of Mr. Poe somehow as she is able to correctly guess his name while talking to Count Olaf, although it is possible she knows of him because the Baudelaires may have mentioned him at an unseen time.


Sadie may refer to a character in The Adventures of Sadie, aka Our Girl Friday, a 1953 film about a shipwrecked girl.

Bellamy may refer to Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, an 18th-century pirate who was shipwrecked off Cape Cod. The surname may also refer to Edward Bellamy, author of the utopian novel Looking Backward.



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