Siblings must take care of one another when they are all alone in the world, and it has been an honor to look after the Sebald papers.

Sally Sebald is the sister of Gustav Sebald and is managing the Sebald estate after her brother was killed.


Early Life

Sally is the sister off Gustav Sebald, who was, at some point, recruited into VFD.

She helped Gustav film Zombies in the Snow, a coded film that Dr. Monty takes the Baudelaire orphans to see. After his death, she took over running the Sebald estate and taking care of the "Sebald Papers."[1]

Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography

Some years after The Miserable Mill, she writes a letter to Lemony Snicket saying that she was thrilled to receive the news that he was alive and Dr. Orwell was dead. He had written to her, requesting photographs of the movie, which she provides with some notes. 

She notes that while she knew Gustav was trying to send Monty a message about a survivor of the fire, he didn't tell her anything else about it, though Gustav left a snowman standing for several days after filming the movie until he realized his message had not been received. She also shows confusion at a photo of three siblings kept among the file.

She tells Snicket not to hesitate to contact her again, and signs off with "The world is quiet here."


Gustav Sebald
Sally Sebald




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