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For years I suspected the opposite, and assumed that one of your siblings was handling your affairs, as I am handling Gustav's. Siblings must take care of one another when they are all alone in the world, and it has been an honor to look after the Sebald papers.

The Sebald Family are a known VFD-associated family.


Someone in the family- potentially Gustav, though it may have been an ancestor of his- created the Sebald Code, a code widely used throughout VFD.

It is known that Gustav and Sally's parents are dead, as Sally refers to them as "all alone in the world."[1]

Gustav seemed to have been a volunteer neophyte in his childhood,[2] and grew to make VFD-coded films in order to send messages to volunteers, such as Zombies in the Snow and Hypnotists in the Office.[1] He was later assigned to assist Monty Montgomery for unknown reasons, and killed by Count Olaf.[3]

Sally was also involved in VFD, and though it is assumed that she was recruited at the same time as her brother, it is not confirmed. Following her brother's death, she became the executrix of the Sebald Estate, leaving her to look over the Sebald papers among other things. While she worked with her brother, he seems not to have told her certain things, such as the identity of the survivor hidden in Zombies in the Snow.[1]

Sebald Films

In order of mention by Sally Sebald, assumed to be somewhat chronological order.[1]

In the Netflix canon, Gustav is said to have directed:[4]

Family Tree

Gustav Sebald
Sally Sebald



  • Their surname is likely taken from German writer and academic W.G. Sebald, who wrote about the effects of memory and its loss in the wake of World War II.