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Snow Scout #4 is a member of Snow Scout Troop 113 in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Early Life

He is a part of Snow Scout Troop 113,[2] paid for by his "extremely wealthy" parents.[3]

The Slippery Slope: Part One

The Snow Scouts are hiking up Mount Fraught for their annual crowning of False Spring Queen when they duck into a cave to hide from Snow Gnats. While there, they are joined by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire, whom Carmelita Spats recognizes and hates, though Brucie insists they be accommodating and her and the new, masked scout welcome them in.

The scouts listen to Carmelita's self-insert stories until the masked scout and Violet and Klaus distract with their coded conversation. They recite the pledge, and then go to sleep.

The Slippery Slope: Part Two

The next morning, the scouts continue their hike up Mount Fraught- whether they notice or care the absence of the masked scout and Violet and Klaus is unclear. Carmelita becomes fed up with Brucie's complaints and encourages the scouts to abandon her on the mountainside, to which the bored scouts cheer, clap and agree. They march behind Carmelita and leave Brucie to the wilderness.

Upon reaching the top of Mount Fraught, they find their missing scouts, Count Olaf, Esmé Squalor, a Hook-Handed Man, a Man with a Beard but No Hair and a Woman with Hair but No Beard. Though the missing scouts, in a panic, warn the scouts that the adults plan to kidnap them, Carmelita does not listen and crowns herself False Spring Queen. The other scouts are invited to step onto a large net to begin their dance, but as they do, the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard blow their whistles to summon their eagles, which arrive and kidnap the scouts, who scream in terror.

The Man and Woman proceed to set fire to all the scouts' parents' homes, killing their parents and leaving their fortunes to the children they just abducted, to be forced into the fire-starting side of VFD. The children are taken to the twosome, still screaming in the eagles' net.

The Grim Grotto: Part Two

He is seen among the Snow Scouts that are forced to row The Carmelita by Count Olaf and Esmé Squalor, and listen to Carmelita's endless and aggravating dance recitals. He can be seen sitting in the front of one of the rowing columns. They groan as she announces another song.

When Carmelita finishes one of her songs, Violet sets off a false Great Unknown alarm, which terrifies the scouts. Violet sets off a riot, and the scouts flee.

Afterwards, Fernald and Fiona escape the brig of the submarine, and steal it while Olaf, Esmé and Carmelita are ashore using the phone, thus freeing the kidnapped scouts.





  1. As the Snow Scouts are all children, he would have to be under the age of 18.
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