Spain's Largest Handkerchief was an In item owned by Esmé Squalor.


Esmé Squalor shows Gunther, Sunny Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire and Jerome Squalor. While visiting the room, Gunther says he is allergic to something in the room, saying that it is not Jerome or Esmé, and Esmé suggests that Klaus and Sunny are what Gunther is allergic to.

In an attempt to rescue Duncan and Isadora Quagmire from an elevator shaft, Violet Baudelaire uses the handkerchief to tie to a basket as a parachute.[1] She later heats up the parachute in order to rise it back up the shaft, but die to the amount of heat it continually almost sets fire. It eventually explodes, sending the basket crashing to the ground while the Baudelaires escape to the penthouse.[2]




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