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The Spats Family is a rich family that includes the relatives of Carmelita Spats. Most or all of them may be deceased. 


Bruce is Carmelita's uncle, though it is unknown whether paternal or maternal.[1] 

Carmelita's parents do not seem very present, as they send her off to boarding school[2] and then to the Snow Scouts;[1] however, they do send Vice Principal Nero a concerned letter after The Daily Punctilio warns them about dangerous books that one of her teachers is giving to the students.[3]

When Carmelita is abducted ("adopted") by Count Olaf and Esmé Squalor, it is stated that they intend to burn her house down with her parents inside. It is presumable that they or the Man with a Beard but No Hair and Woman with Hair but No Beard did such, and thus killed the Spats parents.[1] It is unknown if Bruce survived the abduction by eagles; a man named Bruce is mentioned later at the Hotel Denouement, though it could potentially be someone else of the same name. If so, he still could have been killed by the Hotel Denouement Fire.[4]

It is also possible that Carmelita was killed in the Hotel Denouement Fire, though unconfirmed.

In the Netflix adaptation, Carmelita says that her parents let her do whatever she wanted. They are confirmed killed by Olaf and Esmé.[5] Bruce does not appear in the series.[6]

Family Tree

Jerome Squalor
Esmé Squalor
Mr. Spats
Mrs. Spats
Carmelita Spats



  • "Spats" was likely chosen as a surname based on the word spat, which means "a short argument or disagreement about something unimportant."[7]