The Police Station of Stain'd-by-the-Sea is located in the City Hall building, partnered with the library.

For the duration of Lemony Snicket's stay, it is managed by the only two officers left in town, Harvey and Mimi Mitchum.


The Police Station takes up half of what used to be City Hall.[1] The outside of the building is crumbling and cracked.

The police station is a long, narrow room, about the size of a bus,[2] which smells like the Officers Mitchum.[3] Most of the room is crowded with desk, chairs, cabinets, tables and endless piles of boring-looking paper. At the back of the room is the only jail cell, with thick metal bars and a small cot to hold prisoners until they can be transported to the city for trial.[2] The cell is damp and cramped.[3]

Due to the economy crash, it is quite underfunded, and seems to have some odd eccentricities. For example, the lineup signs are numbered "1", "B" and "☆".[2]

The police car is the Mitchums' run-down station wagon with a red flashlight taped atop[1] and Stew Mitchum making a siren noise.[2]


Known Arrests




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