Stain'd Station is the train station in Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


Stain'd Station would send a train, The Thistle of the Valley,[1] in and out of Stain'd-by-the-Sea once a month. While they transported mainly people transferring stations or leaving town, they also had a prison car to hold criminals or alleged criminals who were to be taken to the much more populated city for trial.[2] It is described as the busiest place in the whole town while trains are there.[1]


The ceiling of the station is lined with curved iron bars, and the walls are lined with torches to provide light. There are many tracks inside. 

The Thistle of the Valley, the train that leads out of town, is about twenty or thirty cars in length, most of which are cargo cars stamped with Ink Inc.'s logo. Behind the cargo cars are passenger cars, decorated with wooden curlicues over the windows and old-fashioned railings blow, as well as brightly painted designs. 

The porters of the station wear a uniform of bright blue jackets, and conductors wear gray suits. All the employees wear a thistle attached to their jackets. 




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