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The Stricken Stream is a small but dangerous river that flows through the Mortmain Mountains. Its mouth leads directly to the ocean.


The Stricken Stream flows from its source at the waterfall on Mount Fraught, through the Mortmain Mountains, and into the Hinterlands before it reaches the ocean. The river is completely frozen during the winter, though in spite of this, the Stricken Salmon inhabit its waters.[1]


VFD attempted to train the Salmon for their uses as part of the Voluntary Fish Domestication. Fernald and Captain Widdershins spent four years training the salmon to search for forest fires, but Café Salmonella took away the fleet, though the Snicket siblings attempted to stop them.[2]

The Baudelaires discovered that the stream had been significantly polluted by ash and debris from the fire at the V.F.D. Headquarters. While the headquarters was being burned down, a brave volunteer tossed the sugar bowl out the window and it landed in the stricken stream. The ash had turned the stream into a sort of black sludge and made the salmon ill.

The ice encasing the stream was broken by the heat of False Spring, the piercing of Violet Baudelaire and Quigley Quagmire's climbing as well as the False Springpole, and the scraping of the sled. The Baudelaires were split up from Quigley when the water burst.[1] The Baudelaires rafted down the stream on a toboggan until they met up with the Queequeg.[2]



  • The stream did not break in the Netflix Adaptation, because the water effects were discovered to be time-consuming and difficult to animate coupled with the fact that CGI water is just as hard to animate convincingly. Still, water effects were to be needed in every other episode of Season 3.[3]