It's not really a sting. It's more of a mild, wet slap.
— One brave child, The Grim Grotto

The tagliatelle grande is used in The Carnivorous Carnival and The Grim Grotto.

Tagliatelle is a type of Italian noodle and grande means 'big' in Italian. One of the Caligari Carnival workers created it. It is a long noodle that is used for whipping people, including children and freaks. It is unknown if it is edible.


It is used by the Hook-Handed Man, to threaten any disobedient freaks. He has no occasion to use it, as the "freaks" perform professionally.[1]

It is later used by Esmé Squalor to whip the children who are working on the Carmelita, particularly when she forces them to listen to Carmelita Spats' song; though this is threatening, a brave child mentions that it doesn't hurt murch, just feels strange. Fernald borrows the noodle as a cover for him, Fiona, and the Baudelaire orphans to escape.[2]

In the Netflix adaptation, Esmé uses it during "The Carnivorous Carnival". Sunny steals it so that Violet can use it as a replacement fan belt to repair the roller coaster.[3]



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