Tagliatelle Grande CCPart2

The tagliatelle grande on Esmé Squalor's belt in the TV Show.

The tagliatelle grande is used in The Carnivorous Carnival and The Grim Grotto.

Tagliatelle is a type of Italian noodle and grande means 'big' in Italian. One of the Caligari Carnival workers created it. It is a long noodle that is used for whipping people, including children and freaks. One child in The Grim Grotto describes being whipped by it as "more of a mild, wet, slap." It is unknown if it is edible.


In the book series, it is used by the Hook-Handed Man (Fernald) in The Carnivorous Carnival. However, he merely uses it to threaten any disobedient freaks and is not seen whipping anyone. It is later used by Esmé Squalor in The Grim Grotto to whip the children who are working on the Carmelita, particularly when she forces them to listen to Carmelita Spats' song. Fernald borrows the noodle as a cover for him, Fiona, and the Baudelaire orphans to escape.

In the TV series, Esmé uses it during "The Carnivorous Carnival". Unlike the book, Sunny steals it so that Violet can use it as a replacement fan belt to repair the roller coaster.

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