Tedia on the world map.

Tedia is a small town out in the country along Lousy Lane, near Uncle Monty's house. It contains a movie theater, a general store, a dump, a morgue and coroner's office, and the banks of the Grim River.

The Reptile Room

When the Baudalaires are sent to live with their Uncle Monty, they pass through this town. It is the closest town to his mansion. Monty buys a fire proof canoe, peaches, and Peruvian insect repellent in this town. They also see the film Zombies in the Snow in the town's movie theater. 

The Vile Village

Tedia is one of the villages taking part in the ‘It Takes A Village To Raise A Child’ program. However, the Baudalaires don't want to live there because it makes them feel sad about their Uncle Monty.


The name of this village is derived from the word ‘tedious’, which means long, slow, tiresome and boring. It implies that the car ride to Tedia was long and boring.

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