Instructions for {{Infobox Location}}
Name of location
File:Image of place at 250px
Also called: If the location is known by another name, place it here
Type: Building, City, Beach, Island, Hotel, etc.
Location: Where is this place located?
Residents: Who lives here?
Owned by: Who owns this place?
First seen in: Story in which it first appeared
Appearance: Story of only appearance, entered as only=story name
Appearances: Stories it has appeared in
Fate: Ultimate fate of this location

{{Infobox Location}} can be used for a variety of different locations, from individual buildings to whole continents or planets.


Copy and paste all of the text below onto whichever article page it is needed for (even if some fields are not needed copy all of the text).

{{Infobox Location
|name           = 
|image          = 
|aka            = 
|type           = 
|location       = 
|residents      = 
|affiliation    = 
|owned by       = 
|appearances    = 
|first          = 
|only           = 
|fate           = 
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