Instructions for {{Infobox Story}}

{{Infobox Story}} is the only infobox you'll ever need for any type of story. It takes all variables from all different types of story, regardless of medium or subject matter. If it's a story, just use this template.


Because this template can be adapted to several different types of story, you'll need to click one of the links below to see how to use it.

Standalone stories

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In some cases, stories are completely standalone. If you encounter such a story, and you want to make the navigation bar completely disappear, just enter the following variable:
| nav     = 0


  • If there is no previous or next story in a series, you must actually set the prev/next variable to the word none.
  • {{{prev2}}}, {{{prev3}}}, and {{{made prev}}} are all essential to getting their respective series to display. They must be set to none or to the name of a story, incuding the disambiguation term. If they aren't set to one of these two values, then {{{series2}}}, {{{series3}}} and "Production order" will not display. Again, the values of the prev variables must be one of the following
none (that is, exactly the word none, in all lower case letters)
The Vile Village — or another story title, without brackets
  • By convention, if the production and broadcast order are the same, then there is no need to define {{{made prev}}} and {{{made next}}}.
  • Flowing from the above, if you define a previous variable, you must also define the next variable in that series (or vice versa). All prev/next variables must be balanced.
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