Instructions for {{Tl}}

{{tl}} is a sister template to {{tlx}}. It produces around the same output as that template, referring to a template inline. Unlike {{tlx}}, though, this template cannot handle any additional parameters, and does not present the link in "code" form:

  • {{tl|tl}} >> {{tl}}
  • {{tlx|tl}} >> {{tl}}
That said, the long way round normally to refer to a template is to type
{{[[:template:template name|]]}}
This is far easier. Just type
{{tl|template name}}
and you're done. This is template is especially useful on talk pages or in the forum where you're discussing how best to edit a template.
In general, it is better to use {{tlx}} instead of this template.


imagine the following snippet were posted to a forum thread:

Our infoboxes have far too many fields. -- User:Example
Perhaps, but I think {{Infobox Story}} could be improved by adding a field for the long-form ISBN number. -- User:Sample
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