The Aquarium is an abandoned building in Stain'd-by-the-Sea and the base of Nurse Dander.


Following its abandonment, the Aquarium sign fell apart, reading only "UARIU", and the windows were covered with black cloth. The interior has a wet and dirty floor, with few cracked tanks remaining on shelves, and some leftover containers of food, plastic castles, and a dusty counter next to a dusty cash register and empty coffee mug. Above the aquarium are several apartments.


The Inhumane Society took residence there, and began raising Bombinating Beast tadpoles[1] in the abandoned tanks.

Lemony Snicket follows Nurse Dander into it, who has captured Ellington Feint, believing she is Cleo Knight. Lemony pretends to be a delivery person and gives Ellington his coat and hat so that she can escape, before dropping a fish bowl out of the window to distract her so he can escape.[2]




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