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The Beatrice in The Penultimate Peril

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The Beatrice is a boat with a long history. It was also known as the Count Olaf and the Carmelita (Carmelita II in the TV series) at certain times in its history.


It was originally built by Bertrand Baudelaire, as stated by Beatrice Baudelaire in A Series of Unfortunate Events commonplace book. Bertrand and Beatrice used it to leave the Island.

At some point, the boat was obtained by Count Olaf and renamed the Count Olaf. After Count Olaf and Esmé Squalor "adopted" Carmelita Spats, the name was changed again, this time to the Carmelita.

The boat appears for the first time in the book series in the rooftop pool at Hotel Denouement. Olaf claims he "purchased" the boat for Carmelita to "prowl the swimming pool", but he hides the Medusoid Mycelium in its figure head.

During the hotel fire, Count Olaf intends to escape by pushing the boat off the roof and into the nearby sea. Violet, Klaus, Sunny join Olaf. Violet constructs a drag chute so that the boat survives the fall. Justice Strauss opposes the idea because she does not want to flee the scene of a crime. She says that the Baudelaires should stay and explain everything that has happened to the authorities so she holds onto the boat, prompting Sunny to bite her hand, making her let go.

At the beginning of The End, the Baudelaires and Olaf are stranded at sea on the Carmelita. At one point, Olaf removes the tape holding the boat's nameplate to reveal its previous nameplate and the boat becomes Count Olaf again. After a violent storm, the boat and its passengers washed up on the Island where the boat was sent to the arboretum.

In Chapter Fourteen, the Baudelaires decide to leave the Island with Beatrice Baudelaire II and they repair the boat. Before setting off, Violet tears the tape to remove the Count Olaf nameplate, revealing the real name of the boat, Beatrice. This is the name of their mother (whom their adopted daughter was named after), making the Baudelaires realize that their parents had used this same boat to leave the Island many years ago. At the scene of the shipwreck there were 3 items similar to the Baudelaire Orphans; a red hair ribbon, a pair of circular glasses, and a whisk. These items represent the special interests of the Baudelaires.

In The Beatrice Letters, the boat was said to have sunk, separating the Baudelaires and Beatrice.





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