The Blank Book is a commonplace book to A Series of Unfortunate Events, a series of novels by Lemony Snicket. It is a blank notebook, and is intended to be a commonplace book (commonplace books are featured extensively in the series). It could also be simply used as a diary or journal for the series fans. The bottom of each of the book's pages contain quotes from A Series of Unfortunate Events and illustrations by Brett Helquist. The book is similar to The Notorious Notations. It also includes free stickers to put in the book. The cover is glossy and full of color, depicting Count Olaf surrounded by fire, smiling and holding a quill.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

For many years, I have chronicled the lives of the Baudelaire orphans in a sequence of miserable and upsetting books entitled A Series of Unfortunate Events. Rather than reading such depressing stories, you may prefer this Blank Book, in which you can write down your own miserable and upsetting research.

You may use this volume to record many dreadful things:

  • the names of suspicious teachers you have encountered
  • details of curious conversations you have overheard
  • dreadful information you have found in other books

The Blank Book also offers the following helpful features:

  • grimly decorated pages
  • numerous unpleasant quotations from A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • sinister stickers to help mark your most strange and shocking entries

But I must warn you that once you begin using this book, you must guard it with your life -- or with the life of another allegedly trustworthy person.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

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