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The following article or section concerns information that is considered canonical to the Netflix series, but it is unknown as to where it stands in the books' canon. It may also contain information contradictory to the books. Be very cautious when using this information as a source, or you may end up reporting for The Daily Punctilio, or on the lam. Whichever you consider worse.

"The End"
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Adapted from: The End
Main character(s): Violet, Klaus, Sunny
Baudelaire guardian: Ishmael
Main enemy: Count Olaf
Olaf's disguise: Kit Snicket
Main setting: The Island
Library: The Arboretum
Key crew
Writer: Daniel Handler, Joe Tracz
Director: Bo Welch
Producer: Neil Patrick Harris
Release details
Story number: 4
Season/series: Season 3
Premiere network: Netflix
Release date: January 1, 2019
Format: 52 minutes
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A Series of Unfortunate Events
"The Penultimate Peril: Part Two"

"The End" is the twenty-fifth and final episode of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It covered the entirety of The End and Chapter Fourteen.

Official synopsis

The final chapter takes the orphans to a deserted island: a place of lost lives, old stories and new beginnings. It all ends here.


For Beatrice –
     I cherished, you perished,
     the world's been nightmarished.


The story begins with the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, and Count Olaf trapped on a boat heading away from the Hotel Denouement and to the sea. The Baudelaires are forced to listen to Count Olaf brag about how he has triumphed, how successful he is, and how rich he will be with his hands almost on the Baudelaire Fortune. They consider throwing Count Olaf overboard, but Klaus hesitates and says that they have a moral compass.

After a storm, the Baudelaires are welcomed on an Island by a girl named Friday Caliban, while Count Olaf is shunned. The island facilitator, Ishmael, introduces the Baudelaires to the islanders and their customs and cages Olaf.

Later, the Baudelaires realize Ishmael called them the Baudelaire "orphans" during dinner, when they never told him their parents died. They go to Olaf, giving him ceviche (fish) for dinner so he does not starve, and ask him if he knows anything. Olaf says he will only tell them if the Baudelaires let them out, but the Baudelaires leave him in the cage.

Ishmael tells the truth.

The Baudelaires try to find Ishmael, but find his clay boots with footprints leading to the other side of the island, where they discover the arboretum, a junkyard of various so-called "dangerous" objects by Ishmael. In a tree which doubles as a small house in its hollow trunk, they discover a book with Ishmael's writing, as well as their mother's. Ishmael appears and tells them their parents once lived on the Island, he used to be the principal of Prufrock Preparatory School, and he founded V.F.D. to make the world a quieter, safer place. However, when the schism broke out, he left to live in solitude on a peaceful island away from mainstream society. He offers the Baudelaires coconut cordial before leaving.

On Decision Day, the Baudelaires try to leave. Ishmael offers them the cordial again, but the Baudelaires reveal it's an opiate to make the islanders be easily controlled.

At that point, Kit Snicket appears. She is unconscious on a raft shipwrecked on a coastal shelf. Olaf is also in a rather pathetic Kit disguise. Everyone sees through it. While the Baudelaires run over to the real Kit, Olaf and Ishmael argue. Olaf reveals Ishmael's lessons that books, poetry and learning would keep him safe did not work. Olaf reveals he escaped the cage by picking the lock with a fish bone. Ishmael threatens to lock Olaf again, but Olaf threatens to poison the colony with the Medusoid Mycelium in retaliation. Ishmael shoots a harpoon gun at Olaf's belly, which is actually the Mycelium in a helmet.

Meanwhile, Kit regains consciousness, wondering where the Medusoid Mycelium is. The Baudelaires realize it's how Olaf faked his pregnancy. The Baudelaires run back to Olaf, but it's too late, as Ishmael already fired the harpoon, poisoning the entire colony. The Baudelaires inform everyone that horseradish is the only known cure. Ishmael and the islanders flee using their Decision Day outrigger to go to the horseradish factory near Lousy Lane, leaving the Baudelaires and Olaf behind (Ishmael does not want to take the Baudelaires for causing their recent troubles) with Kit.

The Baudelaires ask Kit what's in the Sugar Bowl, and she reveals it's a V.F.D.-developed sugar hybrid which can act as both cure and immuniser to the poisonous fungus. They also inform her that Dewey is dead. The Baudelaires run to the arboretum in hopes of finding a cure, but find nothing. They almost die, but the Incredibly Deadly Viper appears and saves them with an apple which contains the same sugar complex in it.

Olaf dies on the island.

The Baudelaires run to Kit and offer an apple to her, but she refuses to take it because it could harm her baby. The tide begins to rise and they realize they need to bring Kit to the shore so she doesn't wash away. Because the Baudelaires are too weak from the poison, they seek extra help from Olaf. They offer him an apple, but he refuses, preferring to die because he has "lost too much to go on." In their conversation, the Baudelaires accuse him of killing their parents, but he only replies, "Is that what you think?" As Kit moans in pain, the orphans tell Olaf that Kit is in danger and might die. Olaf suddenly takes a bite of the apple and carries Kit to safety on the beach. Olaf kisses Kit and recites poetry before he dies from his wound, while Kit goes into labor.

The Baudelaires help Kit deliver her baby which turns out to be a girl. While resting at night, Kit decides to name the baby after the Baudelaires' mother, Beatrice. Kit also says that she is too infected for the apple to work. Lamenting that her baby would be an orphan, she hands her baby to the Baudelaires, asking them to protect the child. The Baudelaires bury Kit and Olaf, and begin to read the book their parents wrote in, titled "An Incomplete History".

Chapter Fourteen

For Beatrice –
     We are like boats passing in the night-
     Particularly you.

The Baudelaires sailing away from the island with Beatrice.

One year later, Kit's baby and the Baudelaires sail away from the island on the boat they arrived in. They realize it was originally called The Beatrice. They sail away in an attempt to return back home, although it is unclear if they make it.

Unlike the book, this Chapter Fourteen shows the fates of Count Olaf's original troupe, Fernald and Fiona, the Quagmire triplets, the people on the island who sailed away, various other characters, and Beatrice II. The epilogue includes a scene in which Lemony Snicket is invited to a diner by a 10-year old Beatrice II. When he arrives, Beatrice begins to tell him a story about the journey in the boat from the Island, including "the part about Finnish pirates."



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  • In a wide shot, it's seen that The Island is shaped like the tattoos on the volunteer's ankles, and is the city in which the Baudelaires lived.
  • On Kit's Vaporetto of Favorite Detrius, the first book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson can be seen.[1]

Story notes

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Filming locations

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Production errors

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Deviations from the novel

  • Lemony compares the despair of being on the run instead of finding a tack in the root beer float. This also happens much earlier.
  • Violet and Klaus are still rowing when Count Olaf makes all his dubious claims, instead of just drifting because they are exhausted. They are also using regular oars and not giant spatulas. Sunny tries to give Olaf some nuts to eat instead of mashing up some beans. Violet and Klaus actually moved to try and push Olaf out the boat.
  • The boat was called the Carmelita II, instead of just simply Carmelita. Olaf is writing the name of the boat on the nameplate instead of simply tearing off an old one.
  • Most of the things that were said in the book before the storm struck are omitted.
  • The landing on The Island:
    • The Baudelaires' tattered clothes are not their concierge outfits, because they had changed in the previous episode for the trial.
    • Klaus is about to touch Olaf to see if he is alive, instead of Sunny asking if he kicked the bucket ("Kikbucit?") before he wakes up. Olaf does not ask about his figurehead, and actually sees the espresso machine. Friday arrives immediately, instead of them walking for a while before they see her. Olaf is not yet in possession of the harpoon gun.
    • Olaf is allowed to follow them to the island instead of being left behind.
  • Meeting Ishmael:
    • A statue was not one of the things found in the book.
    • Olaf is present. He takes the harpoon gun from an islander and threatens Ishmael with it, leading to him being locked up (and gagged) earlier than in the book, after he trips over Sunny's foot trying to get away.
    • There is no mention of Ishmael's feet being injured. He is sometimes seen walking and sometimes pulled in a sleigh by the islanders, but never carried.
    • Ishmael, rather than Friday, tells the Baudelaires about Decision Day.
    • Decision Day takes place the day after the Baudelaires arrive on the island, rather than a few days after.
  • More on the Island:
    • In addition to not having spices, the islanders do not have citrus fruit or even use fire. In the book, they used a fire for their evening meal.
    • Mrs. Caliban mentions that she was on a cruise but nothing about how her husband disappeared/died. Friday is the one who says that her dad was devoured by a manatee.
    • Violet, Klaus and Sunny spit out the coconut cordial the first time they try it, instead of choking it down.
    • Ishmael explicitly states that Count Olaf will drown because of where they have put the cage.
    • The Baudelaires don't question how Ishmael knows there is a storm coming.
    • Ishmael only warns Violet about rocking the boat instead of all three of them, since Klaus and Sunny hadn't suggested anything. This prompts the Baudelaires to realize earlier that Ishmael is untrustworthy (in the book they didn't realize this until he ate a horseradish apple).
    • Kit Snicket (as well as the Incredibly Deadly Viper) arrive later than in the book.
    • Ishmael and the islanders don't abandon the Baudelaires on the coastal shelf.
    • The mutiny is left out entirely.
    • When visiting Olaf's cage, the Baudelaires bring him ceviche. Olaf says "Of course I'm going to die!" instead of "Of course I'm trying to trick you!"
  • The Arboretum
    • Instead of going to the arboretum by Finn and Erewhon's request of weapons (for the mutiny in the books), the Baudelaires follow Ishmael's footprints. This is how they find out Ishmael is sneaking off, rather than being told by Olaf.
    • The Incredibly Deadly Viper is not present the first time the Baudelaires go to the arboretum.
    • The entry in the commonplace book is different:
      • The "shadowy figure" from the passage is Olaf instead of Kit. Ishmael doesn't write an annotation to him.
      • The Baudelaires have not been abandoned yet for rocking the boat, but the verse Ishmael writes about them is something he said to them in the book.
      • It's on page 252 instead of page 667.
    • When Ishmael catches them, he reveals he was the principal of Prufrock Prep a long time ago. (It's possible that in the book, he may have just taught there instead.) He also reveals that he founded V.F.D. by recruiting his students -- which makes V.F.D. a much younger organisation than it is in the books.
    • The story Ishmael tells is not the same as the one in the book until it mentions the Baudelaire parents, who apparently left on their own instead of being driven out. He doesn't force the Baudelaires to come with him, either.
    • The ring Ishmael gives to Violet is omitted.
  • After the Arboretum
    • Friday finds Kit instead of the Baudelaires. Olaf also claims that he found the Mycelium instead of them. Ishmael doesn't want to give the Baudelaires up to Olaf.
    • Olaf uses a fish bone to pick the lock on his cage, rather than being released by mutineers.
    • The argument at breakfast with the other islanders (after Ishmael and the Baudelaires return) is omitted.
    • The contents of the sugar bowl are revealed by Kit to be a type of sugar derived from a botanical hybrid developed by V.F.D. to immunise against the Medusoid Mycelium .
    • The scene of the Baudelaires and Kit crying together is omitted entirely ("They cried for the world, and most of all, of course, the Baudelaire orphans cried for their parents, who they knew, finally, they would never see again.")
    • When the Baudelaires go back to the arboretum to search for a cure to the Medusoid Mycelium, the Incredibly Deadly Viper spies on them through a tree.
    • Klaus thinks he's hallucinating when he sees the Viper slither past as the Baudelaires lay dying.
    • Since the islanders already left, they don't have a stockpot to offer them.
    • Olaf carries Kit through the water instead of across the sand.
    • Olaf recites the first half of The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, and Kit finishes it, instead of Kit reciting the entire verse. Kit also recites one line of This Be The Verse, instead of Olaf reciting the entire stanza.
    • Olaf sits up to stare at the Baudelaires as he recites the final line of This Be The Verse ("And don't have any kids yourself").
    • Kit's final moments are shown onscreen. In the book we don't get to see this scene in detail: "Into the world came a baby girl, just as, I'm very, very sorry to say, her mother, and my sister, slipped away from the world after a long night of suffering."
  • Chapter 14:
    • The book that Beatrice and Bertrand left behind is called "An Incomplete History" instead of "A Series of Unfortunate Events".
    • The line about leaving the island that Beatrice wrote spells out Bertrand's name instead of simply calling him "B".
    • Violet recalls meeting Lemony. (In the books, though he may have been the taxi driver in The Penultimate Peril, they never know his name.)
    • The Baudelaires celebrate baby Beatrice's first birthday.
    • Klaus asks “If we leave, what will we find?” instead of Sunny. Violet says “We can’t shelter her forever” instead of Klaus.
    • The boat's "Olaf" nameplate is easy to pull off.
    • Baby Beatrice does not say her own name.
  • Characters' Fates:
    • The Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender, the Bald Man, and the White-Faced Women returned to the stage with at least some success. (In the books, the Henchperson died at Heimlich Hospital, the Bald Man died at Caligari Carnival, and the fate of the White-Faced Women was unknown.)
    • Quigley successfully reunited with Duncan and Isadora aboard the Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home. Fernald and Fiona were reunited with Captain Widdershins. There is no indication of the attack from the book, in which the inhabitants of the mobile home and the Queequeg were all either saved or eaten by The Great Unknown.
    • The Incredibly Deadly Viper is shown swimming out to the outrigger to give the islanders an apple. This is an unconfirmed possibility in the book. (In both versions, it's unknown whether the islanders survived.)
    • Lemony and Beatrice II meet up and tell each other the story of the Baudelaires. (This is hinted to have happened in The Beatrice Letters but we do not see it.)

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Chapter Fourteen

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