"The Grim Grotto: Part Two"
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Adapted from: The Grim Grotto
Main character(s): Violet, Klaus, Sunny
Baudelaire guardian: Fiona
Main enemy: Count Olaf
Main setting: Under the sea
Library: Queequeg library
Key crew
Writer: Sigrid Gilmer
Director: Liza Johnson
Producer: Neil Patrick Harris
Release details
Story number: 2b
Season/series: Season 3
Premiere network: Netflix
Release date: January 1, 2019
Format: 37 minutes
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A Series of Unfortunate Events
"The Grim Grotto: Part One" "The Penultimate Peril: Part One"
"The Grim Grotto: Part Two" is the twenty-second episode of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It covered the second half of The Grim Grotto.

Official synopsis

With Sunny's fate hanging in the balance, Violet and Klaus race to find a life-saving antidote and learn the location of the Last Safe Place.


Despite Sunny's poisoning, Olaf places the Baudelaires in his brig. Fernald helps them to escape so they can cure Sunny. Returning to the Queequeg, Violet, Klaus and Fiona determine that the antidote for the Medusoid Mycelium is horseradish, but there is none aboard; Sunny suggests a substitute, wasabi, which cures her. Violet presents Sunny's sealed contaminated helmet to Fiona for future study, while Fiona obtains a coded message revealing the Last Safe Place for V.F.D.: the Hotel Denouement.

Fernald reveals that he is Fiona's brother, as well as responsible for burning down Anwhistle Aquatics, fearing what the Medusoid Mycelium could do if used as a weapon by V.F.D. Olaf corners all of them on the Queequeg, but Fiona gives the Baudelaires enough time to escape in the Queequeg by offering Olaf the sealed helmet.

After a brief encounter with the Great Unknown, the Baudelaires return to Briny Beach, where Mr. Poe offers to help clear their names. However, the children refuse his help as Kit Snicket arrives by taxi, promising them answers; she speeds them off to the Hotel Denouement. Quigley gives the sugar bowl to a flock of crows. After Fernald is forced to reveal the location of the last Safe Place to Olaf, he and Fiona are imprisoned, but they begin their escape.



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Deviations from the novel

  • Klaus found out that Sunny has the fungus because Fiona was not around to do it.
  • Sunny went straight to coughing instead of being able to talk for a bit.
  • Olaf gets lost trying to get them to the brig (and Esmé is following him around). They also tried to escape before they got there.
  • Carmelita accuses Olaf of liking the Baudelaires more than her instead of the sugar bowl because he's sick of hearing Esmé talk about it as opposed to him trying to get his hands on it.
  • Phil is helping the Snow Scouts row because he was captured.
  • Fernald is not locked in the brig when he is trying to torture them. But he is more willing to help Sunny live. And because Fiona was not caught by Olaf or her brother, she is not with them.
  • Because of the above, instead of Esmé catching him and Fiona in the rowing room, Fernald startles Olaf when he is lost in the corridors.
  • Violet has to invent a distraction of a sea monster to get past Carmelita and Esmé instead of just sneaking around the pillars when they are distracted by Carmelita's recital because the room is small (and Phil could give them away again).
  • Carmelita says that E is for "extra-adorable" instead of "excellent" in her song, and also doesn't sing "Now let’s begin my whole wonderful song all over again!” because Violet's distraction's sound chimes in.
  • Due to the aforementioned distraction, Violet causes the Snow Scouts to abandon their rowing posts; Phil calls Esmé "your Esméness" while he is instructed to stop them from running, instead of Fernald because he is leading Olaf to the galley (ahem, the "wine room"), but he is not sucessful because one of the Scouts knocks him over and then steps on his good leg.
  • Fiona is helping the Baudelaires with the research because she was still aboard the Queequeg.
  • The cure is written in the margin instead of officially with the rest of the verse.Violet and Klaus found it out faster, and there is wasabi and teragon in the fridge (in the book there was only teragon because Violet pocketed the wasabi).
  • Violet's cake says "Happy Birthday Violet" instead of "Violet's Fifteenth Date". No balloons were in the corridor either.
  • Because Sunny is in a suit of her own, Violet, Klaus, and Fiona (who is present now) tie towels on their faces to protect themselves as they took off the helmet and give the wasabi to her. In the book, Fiona is not here, and Violet and Klaus drag Sunny out of the helmet (in which she was curled), shutting the door immediately so the fungus did not spread.
  • Fernald has to distract Olaf from going to the brig because he let the Baudelaires go. The latter also mentions wanting to sink the Queequg instead of stealing from it.
  • This episode is where they find out the Last Safe Place - the Hotel Denoument, because Sunny didn't overhear the villains back on Mount Fraught.
  • Fiona refuses to leave right away because she waited for her brother to come aboard. In the book, he asks them to take him with them, but he never makes it because Esmé makes him and Fiona go the other way (until they come back and she has defected).
  • Violet reveals Fernald's defection on the sub instead of in the brig, and she and Klaus are more insistent on not letting Fernald go with them.
  • Fernald warned Gregor about the volatility of the fungus instead of Kit through a message, explaining why he burned down Anwhistle Aquatics and how he lost his hands. In the book, it's not clear how he lost them.
  • When Olaf and Esmé come into the Queequg again, Fernald doesn't say that Fiona is his sister like he does in the book when they are caught in the rowing room; instead Fiona says it herself when Olaf tries to hurt him for letting the Baudelaires go. Carmelita catches Violet and Klaus trying to hide.
  • Fiona gives up the fungus to save her brother, instead of Olaf tripping on it while dancing.
  • The way Olaf convinces Fiona to join him in the book is offering to help find her stepfather, and that is before they come back to the Queequeg. In the series, they are aboard already, and Olaf mentions that her stepfather abandoned her, the sub was captured and that the Baudelaires only think about themselves. She stays for the same reason: to be with her brother.
  • Through most of this, Sunny stayed asleep in the series, but not in the book.
  • It appears that Olaf didn't know where the volunteers were going either, only Fernald did.
  • What happens after this is varied:
    • Fiona repaired all the ripped off pieces instead of Sunny repairing the window with gum and her siblings' help. 
    • The Great Unknown did not chase Olaf and the others off, they are heading to the Last Safe Place.
    • The Baudelaires are running from the Great Unknown instead of standing quiet. However, they run a risk of the sub blowing and they don't already know to go to Briny Beach because they didn't get a dispatch from Quigley (since he was at the top of the Grotto).
  • Quigley gives the sugar bowl to the crows. In the book, it's known that crows ended up with it because Carmelita shot it down in book 12, but not how it came to be in their posession.
  • Poe is on the beach to forget about the Baudelaires instead of being alerted that they were coming. He also offers to be their guardian. When they leave, he doesn't put up much of a fight.
  • Kit approaches the Baudelaires at Briny Beach and offers them a ride to the Hotel Denouement instead of waiting in her taxi in the book. She also gives the option of staying with Mr. Poe which the orphans ultimately refuse.
  • Olaf locks Fernald and Fiona in the brig.
  • Klaus asks who Kit is in the taxi instead of Violet who asked it before they got in.


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